Becky+Shane | Central Georgia Photographer

Becky & Shane have been married eight years and have never had any pictures done of the two of them... NEVER! So when Becky contacted me about setting up a session for just the two of them I was all for it. These two are still head-over-heals for each other! Seeing them interact with each other was so cute. You would never know that they have been together for 10+ years total. It was like being with two people that were just falling in love with each other.

Becky's smile is so beautiful and Shane knew just what to say and do to get it out of her. He is in awe of his beautiful wife and it shows. I really had a blast working with the two of them! We laughed, A LOT and I got to know a lot about them and their three kiddos.

Thank you Becky and Shane for giving me such a fun memory of working with the two of you! Your love for each other is inspiring and I hope that you two love these images as much as I do :)


Braithwaite Family | Central Georgia Photographer

I love this family! They are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. I met Julie & Miss Emmie Grace though a local Mom's group and she has been a very sweet friend every since. Mum and Dad are so inlove with this sweet little girl! I loved capturing them as a family. Miss Emily made me work hard for her attention! She was more focused on the chicken coop & the kittens running around. Curious little two year old. I have photographed Miss Emily and Mum Julie before and man has she grown up to be quite a little beauty! I am so happy I got to photography the whole family before my move! Thank you Braithwaite Family :)

*And a BIG HUGE "Thank You" to Pineola Farms for letting us use your property! They have a beautiful property!

:: Thew this one in as a bonus so you can see how Miss Emily has grown ::


Gaza Family | Central Georgia Photographer

This family was SO much fun to work with!! To say these kiddos had energy to burn would be an understatement. Their little personalities defiantly shined thought this session. They had me laughing a good 90% of the shoot!! And the love that this mom and dad have for these kids is so sweet. I left the shoot in awe of the love, respect, and patience this family had for each other. Thank you so much to the Gaza family for giving me the chance to work with your amazingly sweet little family!!

*And a BIG HUGE "Thank You" to Morgan View Farm for letting us use your property! They have a beautiful property and the kids LOVED playing with Lucy, one of the farm's cute pups!!

From the Gaza family -- My family and I truly enjoyed working with you! You did an amazing job with our family photos even with our kids being difficult. Thank you so much!


I Heart Faces | Pet Faces

Sara and Chris have two fur babies. But what makes this family extra special is the adopted Braddock (dog on the left) from Afghanistan! It was a wee bit of a challenge for me to get this special picture of Braddock. He is not the friendliest dog in the world, but I mean come on, the poor thing has been though a lot. But I took the challenge because I wanted Chris and Sara to have a family photo with him :)

Now Lily (dog on right) and I have never had any issues with being photographed. She has been in front of my camera three times now and is always a perfect model for me :)

Braddock & Lily are both special to Chris and Sara and I love that I got to include them in their portraits.

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Amy+Robbie | Central Georgia Photographer

I love it when couples let their personalities really shine in their sessions with me! Amy and Robbie did that and more on their shoot! They are such a sweet and loving couple with a competitive side ;) We had so much fun shooting around downtown Statesboro. I actually met Amy though on of her best friends, and ever since Amy has been an avid follower of my photography. We have been trying to set up a shoot together for a while now, but life just keep throwing us some curve balls and messing up our plans! So when we finally got a date SET IN STONE, I was uber excited to meet up with her again and work together!!

We ended the session with a silly string fight, and let me tell ya... Robbie was out for vengeance!! He did not hold back from making sure every inch or poor Amy was COVERED!!! But he was so sweet and helped me pick it out of her curly hair. (I was actually told by Amy that she was still finding reminisce of the fight in her hair the next day!)