Shelby+Travis Jekyll Island Sunrise Engagement Session

What could be better than shooting an engagement session on driftwood beach? When you add in a beautiful fun loving couple that made my job a breeze! I am so head over heals in love with Shelby+Travis' engagement session and I could not wait to share it with all of you!! Hope you enjoy, xo

Travis - Kind, Funny, Loving, Eccentric, contagious laugh
Shelby - energetic, goof, loving, fun and adventurous

Shelby's Dress -- *currently out of stock*


  1. These are GORGEOUS! Such a romantic feel and I love seeing how in-love this sweet couple is! :)

  2. Such great photos! I love her floral print dress! And your website.

  3. Seriously?! These are amazing! I couldn't pick a favorite. You're so talented and what a beautiful couple!

  4. Oh my! These photos are absolutely gorgeous! So romantic and sweet! You can see how totally in love this couple is! Brooke you are so talented!


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