Happy New Year | Central Georgia Photographer

So here's to 2012 and GOOD BYE to 2011. Here's to BIG changes. New friendships. Lots of fun. And I can finally say MY HUBBY COMING HOME THIS YEAR!

2012 is going to be a GREAT YEAR!


Waiting for Baby Emerson | Central Georgia Maternity Photographer

One thing I love about photography is developing relationships/friendships with fellow photogs. It's even sweeter when they trust you to capture special moments in their life! Let me introduce you to Amanda of Southern Rivers Photography. She and I have been great photog friends for a while now and I was honored when she came to me and asked if I could do her maternity pictures! Amanda and her husband were blessed with a first round IVF pregnancy. Not to say that it wasn't easy, they had quite the journey with this IVF treatment. I am so excited for Amanda and Steven! And I so cannot wait to meet Baby Emerson! (Hoping I will be able to make it to the hospital to capture the birth!!) Amanda you are BEAUTIFUL and I am so very thankful for your friendship<3


Coming Soon! | Central Georgia Photographer

So remember that post when I promised to start blogging more... Yea, I have kinda been failing in that department :( Life got kinda crazy there for a little bit. Kids got sick, had them in and out of the local ERs a few times trying to figure out why they both were spiking fevers of 102+. No fun at all. I am so very thankful that my sister has been here to help me though it all. It is SO nice having family here with me again... I forgot, wait no I have always known how much I missed having family here!

Well, in between the kids getting sick I was able to squeeze in a few session in :) And once again, here is one of those blogs with just a tease of what's to come in the coming weeks!

There was Amanda of Southern Rivers Photography that asked me to capture her maternity session!! I love it when fellow photog friends trust me enough to capture moments in their life!

Then there was the birth of sweet baby Tessa! This was my FIRST birth session and I am HOOKED and I am now offering birth sessions, so if this is something you might be intrested in doing PLEASE contact me today!!

And finally I was able to do some pics for my own family for our Christmas cards this year (yes I know I am slightly behind, refer to first paragraphy-haha).
*side note, please excuse my littlest one, he was fully up to par for pictures and this is his OMG MOM I DON'T FEEL GOOD, COULD YOU HURRY face lol


Waiting for Sweet Baby Tessa | Central Gerogia Maternity Photographer

Before I get started on showing you this BEAUTIFUL maternity session I just want to say one thing ... I LOVE RETURN CLIENTS! I mean really, you get to watch families expand, children grow up & really these clients quickly become some of your closest friends. This is the THIRD session I have done with the Garnto Family in the two years that we have been living here in Central Georgia and I am SO blessed to know this family. (*i actually got to help welcome sweet baby tessa into the world by capturing her birth, be on the look out for that blog post in the coming weeks*)

Ashley - You are SUCH a beautiful person from the inside out! You and Derick are such amazing people and I am SO blessed to be able to call you my friends. Brennon and Tessa defiantly got the luck of the draw to have you two as their parents. Thank you so very much for letting me capture SO many precious moments in your life.

And just for fun here a couple of my favorites from my past sessions with this beautiful family!

.christmas session 2010.

.updated family pics spring 2011.