Fall Minis 2012 | Yubba-Sutter Photographer

::Little Bit More Info::

-- Session will be held on Beale AFB. If you do not have access to base and would like to book a Fall Mini PLEASE contact me and we will work out a session time and location for you!

-- All sessions will be uploaded to a private online password protected gallery for proofing and choosing of prints and Holiday Card choices.

-- I will be sending out an online photography agreement with a model release form if you have children under 18 years of age.

-- Fee is due at the end of your shoot day of your session.

-- Sessions times are on a first come, first served basis.

-- I ask that you please show up 10 mins early and if you are more then 5 mins late you will lose your spot.

-- Please email me ASAP to reserve your spot! Please let me know which location you would like and your choice of TWO time slots.

Contact me at brookeashleyphotography@gmail.com


On the Road | *soon to be* Yuba City Photographer

Well, it's official.. My family and I are on the road to California. This is NUTS! Never in my life did I ever think I would be leaving the East cost... Heck I thought I would be living in the south, drinking sweet tea, and watching my kiddos grow up on sweet southern soil for the rest of my life. But sadly that is not my path. I married a man that loves his country and chose the Air Force as a career. And I love that man more then anything. So as you are reading this.. I am somewhere along the interstate onto our new life in California. Am I excited? Yes! I have made some GREAT connections with a few girls out there that I cannot wait to meet and make GREAT friendships. I have people excited for me to get out there and capture memories for them. But apart of me is scared crap-less. (to be perfectly honest)! My whole life I have been an East cost/Southern girl! Our whole life is here, everyone we know is here, our families are here, and yet here I am driving away from everything and everyone I knew. And I know what you are thinking "You signed up for it when you married the military!" and you are totally right. But it's still scary! I know once we get there, get settled, meet some friends, and get into our new routine things will be better... Heck thing will be GREAT... But for now, the unknown... the "what ifs"... the doubt... is all I can think about. But this will be my life now, and I am so ready for our new adventure :) I hope y'all stick around and see what's to come with Brooke Ashley Photography!! I know I cannot wait to see what this next chapter has to offer :)

Thank you Central Georgia for a AMAZING three years! I am so thankful for all the clients that I had. All of you mean so much to me. You are more then clients you are friends and some I even conciser family now. You made my time in Georgia so great. I will miss each and every one of you!


:: Thank YOU Central Georgia :: | Central Georgia Photography

Wow. What a crazy few years it has been for Brooke Ashley Photography! We have had A LOT of ups and downs but I have had some amazing clients that have stuck by me though all of it!!! This post is for all of you! A "THANK YOU" for giving me so many wonderful memories. For trusting in me to be there and freeze special moments in your life. I have a blog full of amazing images and stories that I can go back and read and look over all these amazing images any time I want! I have made some amazing friendships that I know will last long after I move to California! I hope that one day our paths cross again later on in life and I am able to work with all of you again :) You all have made these last few years in Central Georgia amazing! I could not have asked for a better group of clients!

And to my Boudoir ladies, you girls ROCKED it out! I loved working with y'all and showing you that no matter what your size you ARE beautiful and sexy!


Baby Morgan | Central Georgia Photography

Ok I cannot even begun to tell you how happy I am that I got to be here to capture sweet beautiful Morgan's first pictures! My family and I were supposed to leave for California the day before we did these pictures, but due to TMO messing up (thank God) I was able to make time to capture Morgan and see Sara+Chris one last time!! (If you are keeping track this is the FORTH session I have done for Sara+Chris! I LOVE my return clients!)

Sweet baby Morgan defiantly made me work for my money this day! But little does she know, I have the patience of a saint! I am so happy I do b.c I am loving these images!!! Even fur-baby Lilly wanted in on these pictures! Sara+Chris made a beautiful little girl! Good luck with keeping the boys away once she is older Mom & Dad ;)

*Fun Fact: Sara+Chris had decided to keep the gender of the baby a secret and EVERYONE (including me) thought that Morgan was going to be a boy! I was so shocked when I got the email from Sara letting me know she had gone into labor and it was a GIRL! I love that they kept it a surprise and that everyone was FOR SURE surprised when this beautiful little girl came into the world!

To Sara+Chris -- It has been such an honor getting to know the two of you and sharing in so many special moments in your life together the past year! Enjoy you sweet new baby girl!


Godwin Maternity | Central Georgia Photographer

I have a confession... I LOVE maternity sessions. Not just LOVE I am talking LOOOOOOVE! It might even be my number one favorite session! But shhhhhhh... don't tell the other sessions ;)

Sammy+Brandon are expecting their first baby. A sweet baby boy! And to say that Brandon is over the moon excited that he is having a son would be a huge understatement! It was so precious capturing these two. You can defiantly tell they are head-over-heals in love with this baby boy and he isn't even here yet!

I am so very heartbroken that I won't be here to see what sweet baby Godwin looks like. But I am so thankful that I got to work with Sammy+Brandon in capturing these beautiful images for them! I really could not have asked for more perfect weather, lighting, or a couple to work with!

To Sammy+Brandon -- Thank you so very much for letting me capture some beautiful images of the two of you and your "cupcake" (teehee) in the oven! I loved working with the two of you and I wish you nothing but smoothing sailing though the rest of your pregnancy! I am still hoping for a SEPTEMBER 19th birthday b.c I hear a very special person *cough*ME*cough* was born that day ;) It's a great day to be born!

*Also, a BIG THANK YOU to Plantation Farms for allowing us to use their beautiful property for this session!

*Fun Fact: Sammy+Brandon are keeping the name of sweet baby boy a secret from EVERYONE! And I was told it is driving the families nuts! I personally think it's sweet that they want to announce the name once he is here :) (side note -- I feel UBER special b.c I am the only other person that knows the name! And no, you will not get it out of me!!)