Caroline+Eric | Yuba-Sutter Photographer

I love photographing couples in love. Freshly engaged or married couples that are still in that "head-over-heals" stage. (I know the couples that have been married a few years know what I mean!) Caroline+Eric are that couple. They are freshly married, head-over-heals for each other. They were such an easy couple to work with. Went along with all my crazy ideas; which included crossing a fence into an overgrown part of the park we were shooting at. And it was such a bonus that they decided to incorporate Eric's uniform into some of the images towards the end! This session gave me some of my favorite images to date! And I cannot wait to work with these two again!!


Jones Family | Yuba-Sutter Photographer

I am in love with the simplicity of this family session! We chose a simple, cozy park in Yuba for the setting of the Jones' family shoot and it turned out to be just perfect. The leaves were just starting to change giving that perfect pop of color in the background. The boys enjoyed getting to run around and explore in-between poses. This family is so laid back and fun, it was such a pleasure working with them! And I cannot wait to work with them again this summer :)

The Allen Brothers | Yuba-Sutter Photographer

Meet three feature heart breakers ;) These three boys made my job SO easy! I enjoyed my mini session with them and their beautiful Momma so very much! We are planning a family session in April since their Daddy was deployed during this session and I am so happy I get to work with all of them again!


I Heart Faces | "Love" Challenge

This is to date the most emotional military homecoming I have ever shot.

Mom was crying.

Dad was crying.

Little Man was just happy to have his Daddy home.

And I was a mess and crying!!

During this moment Dad was telling his son "You are the most important thing to me."

Is this my most technically correct image? No. Is there blur and high grain? Yes. But I love it. It is true, genuine, 100% LOVE. The kinda of love you can't fake or pose. The kind of love that just moves you. I love this image and I love that I was able to be there to capture such a raw moment for this family!

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