Weekly Etsy Finds | Yuba-Sutter Photographer

Any one out there as obsessed with Etsy as I am?? I really have to limit my self to time spent on the site because I could spend HOURS sitting at my computer browsing the thousand of amazing vendors on the site! And because of this I have decided to bring to you a weekly blog feature of amazing vendors I stumble upon on this fantastic website!! I hope you all enjoy my finds and be sure to seek out some vendors for yourself! Let's help keep Small Businesses going by buying from home based vendors instead of BIG name companies :)

This week's pick come to you from Jameson Monroe!!! Do you have a little girl as obsessed with Disney Princess' as I do? Then you HAVE GOT to check out their Disney Collection!!!

This piece caught my eye just because my daughter LOVES loves LOVES Disney's new cartoon Sophia the First. How adorable is this headband?

To see more of their adorable collection and see even more great items in their shop check out their shop >>>HERE<<<


Sharleen+Frankie | Yuba-Sutter Photographer

One of the biggest compliments one photographer can give another photographer is too book them. I had the pleasure of working with Sharleen (owner of Sharleen Kaiser Photography), her husband Frankie, and their furbaby Duke. Sharleen took me to one of her favorite places to shoot and I am so very thankful that she did! The location was AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL. It also happened to be Mrs Sharleen's birthday on the day we did the shoot! What better way to spend your birthday afternoon then spending the day at one of your favorite places with your husband and furbaby all while getting some beautiful new images! Thank you so very much to Sharleen for trusting in me to capture these images. This location made me fall even more in love with Northern California and I cannot wait to use it again in the coming seasons!


Barragan Family | Yuba-Sutter Photographer

This family literally stole my heart! I had a vision in my head about this family's session and after the shoot I walked away knowing I had gone above and beyond the vision in my head. This Momma and Daddy love their precious little girl with every thing they have. It was truly a blessing to capture these images for this family. We spent a lot of time together on this Fall afternoon; laughing, chatting, chasing Miss Ali around... It was a blast!! Miss Ali has a sassy personality and made me work for her attention at first, but by the end of the session we were BFFs. Get ready for some heart melting, full of love images!! I love this family, and I hope that I get to capture more memories for them in the future!

Operation Love Reunited: Camacho | Yuba-Sutter Photographer

I had the outstanding pleasure of Welcoming home Captain Camacho... Or Santi as his sweet adorable wife, Vanessa, calls him. Love would not even be a strong enough word for how I feel about this couple! They are the SWEETEST couple I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with. This was a VERY late night homecoming, and because of Vanessa and her sweet lovable bubbly personality, it made the time enjoyable. And then once her sweet Santi came into view, the look of pure honest love on her face made me so emotional. She was truly over the moon happy to have her husband home. It was such a sweet moment to be witness to. And Santi was just in awe of his beautiful wife! One of my favorite moments was when Vanessa checked out her man and squeezed his bicep exclaiming how good he looked... Too. Flippin. Cute! They thanked me a about a million times, but I feel like I should be the one to thank them for letting me be apart of their moment. It was a moment I would happily live over and over again!! I truly hope I get to work with the two of them again!

*PS - Santi was VERY happy to see his second love as well... His truck and I HAD to snap a picture. Is it the best image I have ever shoot... No, but it was such a fun sweet moment that gave me such a good giggle!

*I strongly encourage you to check out the OpLove website! And if you are about to go
though a deployment, going though one currently or about to welcome a loved one home make sure to check to see if there is a photog in your area that supports the program and see how you could get a FREE session & prints! Operation: Love Reunited*

*The photos and other content of this publication do not imply any endorsement or recommendation by the Department of Defense.*