Spring Time High!

It has been a crazy few weeks over here at Brooke Ashley Photography! Not that I am complaining at all :) I have loved working with so many new faces and capturing some amazing memories for my clients!!! I wanted to give my blog readers a little sneak of what is going on behind the scenes of Brooke Ashley Photography!

First up is a darling Operation Love Reunited Homecoming! I made it this homecoming by the skin of my teeth!!! But I am so happy I was able to be there to capture sweet Julia's reaction to seeing her love again for the first time after months apart.

Next up was a super adorable maternity session!!! Kati+Matt are expecting their first baby and they are so over the moon excited to meet Levi!! I loved working with these two!!

Then I got to hang out with one of the most adorable seven month old I have ever met! Burrel was such a good baby and so easy to work with. And his mom & dad were super fun as well!!!

Another Operation Love Reunited Homecoming? YES PLEASE :) This one was super personal b.c Dorothy is the owner and operator of Dottie Schwark Photography and is one of my good fellow photog friends here in California! I was so happy I was able to capture this moment for her!

I am way excited to share Bethany+Tim's engagement session with all of you. We had so much fun and I am now in love with this location that Bethany shared with me! Brooke Ashley Photography is excited to capture this couples wedding at the end of the Summer :)

And finally a very dear friend is expecting her first baby girl VERY soon after an extremely rough pregnancy. I was so happy to capture some amazing moments for her in her final weeks of pregnancy. Cannot wait to meet Gabriella!

So as you can see, even though it may be kinda quite on here for a bit, there are lots happening over here in the world of Brooke Ashley Photography! Make sure to check back for the full post of each of these amazing sessions :)


Max | Two Year Old

I have to admit something to y'all... Two year olds scare the crud outta me!! It may very well be THE most difficult age to photograph because, quite honestly, two year olds have a mind of their own! Majority of two year olds don't want to listen to a complete stranger tell them what to do let along stay still for more than a few seconds!!

But Max... Yea me and Max are total BFFs :) Yea, he had his moments of "Hey, I wanna do my own thing for a bit" and I totally respected the fact that he needed his space and wanted to run around the location and check out the cool stuff! But some of my favorite images of Max are just me taking a step back and watching him do is on thing. I mean come on, check out the pouty face picture blow, how can you look at that face and not love it :) Max made me realize the ripe old age of two is actually a really cool one and if you just go with the flow and let ‘em do their thing, the results will be totally worth it!!


Miss Autumn | Newborn

Lil Miss Autumn was the sweatiest little thing! She had me laughing SO hard at some of the facial expressions that she made during out time together. She for sure had such a little personality for a newborn baby!! I still look back at her session and get a little giggle. I loved that I was finally able to get a newborn lifestyle session with an older sibling! The interactions between Autumn and her big sister Ashlyn were - melt my heart like butter - some of the sweetest moments!! Ashlyn still is learning that little sister is tiny and she had to be a little extra gentle but you could so tell that she LOVES her baby sister!


Miss Adriana | Newborn

I am head-over-heals in love with this session!
I had such a hard time narrowing down which images to blog so please excuse that there are so many!

This is the follow up session to the Operation: Love Reunited Homecoming with Ann welcoming home her Husband with a due any day baby girl! You can view that session: HERE

Miss Adriana gave me some of my best images to date! I could not have asked for a better newborn to work with. She gave us a little bit of a fight to get her to sleep, but no worries b.c her daddy is a baby whisper and once she was out she was O-U-T! Lifestyle newborn photography does and always will have my heart! There is just something about the simplicity of it that draws me in... And this session was my dream lifestyle newborn shoot!!!

I loved that I was able to include some extended family in the shoot! Adriana's Grandma was visiting and even her big brother (a furbaby) Joker was able to hold still for a few shots :) They are a gorgeous family with such sweet personalities! I loved working with them so very much!!