A Senior Session to Remember | Central GA Photographer

I am SO behind on blogging .... so so so behind ::hangs head in shame:: So in the next few weeks I plan on playing catch up and getting all my late 2010 sessions blogged :)

First up is this AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL high school Senior!!! :B: found me on Facebook though another client I shot when I was still living in Florida. When she contacted me about doing her Senior portraits I was ecstatic!! Why do you ask? Because :B: lives all the way in Ohio! Her and her sister :A: made the long haul all the way from Ohio to do this super fun session with me!

Let me tell you, this is one session I will NEVER forget! Between all the laughs, GREAT food, & even risking our lives for a few of the shots it was a GREAT time. I am excited to visit Ohio in Feb. and make time to go and see them again! I honestly felt like I had made life long friends after this session and was sad to see them leave. Hey what can I say, I am a sap and I love it ;)

We started out this session here in the Warner Robins/Macon area and then ventured out to Tybee Island out in Savannah to finish it up! I put in a lot of extra time and love for :B: since she did drive all the way from Ohio for me :) and this session ended up being one of my all time FAVORITES! I truly hope :B: & :A: had just as much fun as I did and I hope that we all get to meet up again one day!!


Beautiful Baby E | Central GA Photographer

I cannot even being to tell you how excited I am to share this little beauty with everyone!! We are waiting till Daddy is home from a deployment and has had the chance to see them first before I share them with everyone, but tust me when I say they will be worth the wait!!

For now enjoy this little sneek peak that Mum approved of me sharing. I am in LOVE with this image more then words could say :)


Cuttie Patooties | Central GA Photographer

This weekend was my last weekend shooting until after the Holidays ... And boy did I go out with a BANG!!! Here is a little sneak peak of the families I shot over the weekend! I so cannot wait to blog their sessions :)

First up is the Sneed Family -- I have shot this little boy since he was still sung inside his Momma's belly! Baby A is now going on 5 months old and such a handsome little boy :)

The Walker family was so so so much fun!!! Little Man C was such a little ham in front of the camera :) We braved some pretty chilly weather for this session and the family handled it like champs!!! Check out this handsome fella -- don't you just want to eat him up?!?!

And then some amazing girls I have meet though an Air Force wives group I am apart of and their handsome 8 month old little boys (and of course their super amazing husbands). We did these at a local Christmas Tree farm (another session location I have always wanted to try out). Meet the Herr's and Garnto's.

I was seriously in cute kid overload this weekend! :)

And on that note, I will be taking my Holiday break ... I am so very grateful for the amazing clients I have meet this year. Twenty-Ten was defiantly a changeling one for me and I really could not have gotten though it with out the love and support from all my amazing clients! A HUGE Thank You goes out to each and ever single one of you for supporting me. I have not only met some amazing people, but I have gotten life long friends out of this business. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! And here's to Twenty-Eleven being EVEN BETTER!!!


::Coming Soon:: | Central GA Photographer

So I haven't blogged a session in a while and I promise I have a good excuse for it!!! I am working my behind off!!! :) :) :)

First up is this BEAUTIFUL High School Senior!! Miss Brooke traveled all the way from Ohio to do her Senior session with me. We took a TON of pictures, and trust me this session will be worth the wait!! For now here is one of my favorite images thus far!!

|PS if you want to see more check out her session teaser up on my fanpage: Brooke's Senior Sneak|

And then there is this AMAZING couple that I love OH SO VERY much!!! I so cannot wait to tell you all about Miss Taylor and Mr Jared -- And I am SO excited to shoot their Nashville wedding in May -- eeeeek!!!

|PS if you want to see more check out their session teaser up on my fanpage: Taylor+Jared's E-Session Sneak|


Left My Heart in Savannah | Central GA Photographer

Wanna know one of the thing I love most about my job? Leaving a session and knowing you just made a friend. And that's exactly what I felt after working with Joelle & Mike (aka Mikey as Joelle calls him). These two were a BLAST to work with!!! I got to spend pretty much the entire day shooting with them in Savannah :) I had be DYING to shoot there and yep, I feel in loooove and will be back!

Let me tell you alittle about Joelle and Mikey ... You know the saying "Opposites Attract" well this couple nailed that on the head! She is loud, outspoken, outgoing, spontaneous ... he is quiet, reserved, a little shy & will just stand back and take in what she does with a smile on his face. They are (not kidding) the perfect couple. When we took a break for a late lunch Joelle asked Mike "Babe, why did you agree to do these pictures with me?" and his response "Because I knew it would make you happy" ::everyone together now ... AWWWWE:: Yes they are "that" couple :)

Joelle actually found me though the Operation: Love Reunited website. She wanted me to come a shoot Mikey returning home after a LONG (and I mean LOOOOOONG) deployment. But unfortunately his return was in the wee hours of the morning and they live a couple hours away from me so I wasn't able to make that happen. But when she told me that they have NEVER had professional pictures done (not even at their wedding) I knew I HAD to do a shoot for them, and trust me I am happy we worked something out :) I feel so blessed to have worked with such an amazing couple and cannot wait to working them again in the future!


i Heart Faces | Silhouette

This week's challenge is Silhouette and instantly thought of this image from Cassandra's Senior session! She is a good friend of the family that asked me to do her Senior pictures :) She can get some serious air!!! I love love love everything about this image!!!

To learn more about the iHeartFaces network and to see other amazing entries just click on the image below and it will bring you to their site!


A State Fair Love Story | Central GA Photography

So after having my son I had a really drive to get back behind the camera. I took a lot of time off toward the end of my pregnancy because of gallbladder issues and I was missing photography like something major!!

Well my itch just happened to fall during the time that the state fair was going on. It has always been a dream of mine to shoot at a fair! The colors, the food, the fun ... what is not to love about it?!? So I put out a casting calling on facebook for a fun, young couple that would let me "use" them -- That's when Natalie contacted me :) I was so excited to work with her and her hubby!

They really were the perfect couple. They grew up in the same town. Their parents were good friends their whole life. But it wasn't until Nick went to join the air force that they realized they had feelings for each other. They really are too flippin cute together. And not to mention that they have one of the CUTEST baby boys I have ever seen and cannot wait to shoot!!

Thank you so much for letting me use you guys for my shooting pleasure! And by the way Natalie has a VERY yummy food blog that you should check out: Oven Love

These last two I am throwing in just for fun!

A Bestie Reunion | Central GA Photographer

My best friend came to see me for my birthday :) And this will go to show you how far behind I am on blogging ... My birthday was Sept. 19th ... Ooops! But it was SO much fun to have her here. It had been a year since we had last seen each other and this trip was MUCH needed. She is going though a divorce and need a vacation from her real world and my birthday just happened to fall right at the right time and seemed like the perfect excuse to have her here.

She has been though SO SO SO much! Right before she moved away from me ... well the military took her away from me and moved her all the way to New Mexico ... she had gastric bypss surgery and has since lost a total of 100lbs! I am so so so very proud of her and what she has over come. It was not easy for her to make the decision to have the surgery and I was one of the people that made her see that this was the RIGHT thing to do so that she was finally healthy! And she is very thankful that she did.

She was SO beautiful before the surgery but now ... OH MY GOD she is a little hottie ;) I wanted her to see what I see (she struggles with self image still) so I drug her out one evening and snapped some pictures of her. I wish I had thought of this early in the day b.c we were really fighting the setting sun, but I am happy with what I was able to get. Here is some of the images that I caught of my BEAUTIFUL best friend.


I Heart Faces :: Week 42 | In the Orchard

This week's challenge is In the Orchard and instantly thought of this image from Lindsay+Richard(+Roxie)'s session! It is taken in the middle of a dirt road right off Lane Packing Peach and Pecan Orchards! There are pecan trees lining the road! I love this picture more then words could even describe!! I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do :)

To learn more about the iHeartFaces network and to see other amazing entries just click on the image below and it will bring you to their site!


Operation: Sutherland Welcome Home | Warner Ronbins, GA OpLove Photographer

This couple is VERY near and dear to my heart. The Sutherlands are like family to me, so when Jessica asked me to come with her to help welcome home her hubby from his second deployment of course I said yes!!

This was their second deployment as a couple BUT it was their first as a married couple! Just a few months into their marriage and they had to spend a few months apart. What a way to start of life as a military wife huh? But Jessica is a VERY strong person and got though it with so much love and support from friends and family.

This homecoming happened at 3am ... yes 3am! I tried to sleep some before heading to the base, but I was so full of excitement that it just did not happen. Homecomings are THE BEST parts of deployments! You get that second, third, forth ... "first kiss", you get to see your loved one face to face, you get those butterflies of falling in love all over again. Sure there are lots of tears, but they are tears of happiness that you finally have your loved one home with you safe and sound!

*The photos and other content of this publication do not imply any endorsement or recommendation by the Department of Defense.*

**PS: Jessica is an AMAZING blogger and blogged about her experience of this homecoming ... If you would like to check it out you can find it at Justagirl and Her Officer: Home at Last and be sure to check out her other blogs!**

***PPS: I strongly encourage you to check out the OpLove website! And if you are about to go though a deployment, going though one currently or about to welcome a loved one home make sure to check to see if there is a photog in your area that supports the program and see how you could get a FREE session & prints! Operation: Love Reunited***