Awaiting Evan

Stephanie+Joe have such fun loving, playful, flirty personality and I truly had so much fun working with the two of them! We laughed the entire time we were together! During our first few emails back and forth, Stephanie admitted to me that she did not feel beautiful being pregnant. That she hoped that she will feel comfortable enough in front of my camera to capture some nice pictures -- WELL CHECK! Stephanie you are STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL and Mr Evan is lucky to have such a hot momma ;) I was so lucky to have such a fun couple to work with, and soon after I posted the teaser the evening of the shoot I got a message from Stephanie-- "I just want to thank you for today. We had a blast and I felt great the whole time. The pictures turned out perfect, from what I've seen so far.... You did a lot more than take pictures and I thank you for that.... It was absolutely perfect!" --Truly, moments like that make everything worth it and makes me see that I am meant to do this. I love my "job" so much :)


Levi+Mommy | OpLove Missing Daddy

Ladies and Gents... I want to introduce me to my latest crush. And I know I know you are thinking it's Mr Levi... But it's not him... IT'S HIS HAIR!!! I am obsessed with it! And he totally rocks it. Can you believe this little ham was born with all that hair?! It's craziness I tell ya. Levi's Daddy also deployed just hours after Levi entered the world. Kati has been such a strong wife and mom tackling a newborn AND a first time deployment! I tell her all the time how proud I am of her, but now it's forever engraved on my blog -- KATI, I AM SO SO PROUD OF YOU :) -- I really admire her strength and her sweet beautiful smile she has kept throughout everything she has endured. We wanted to capture some sweet moments with Levi+Mommy to send to Daddy overseas. I love the sweet simplicity of this shoot. And I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to be there when Levi+Kati welcome Daddy home <3

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Awaiting Isabela

I drove by this beautiful sunflower field here in NorCal and I knew I just HAD to do a shoot here. I posted a picture of the field on my personal Instagram fed and one of my best friend here in Cali emailed me instantly saying she wanted me to do her maternity session there! DONE! I mean come on, Sara is BEAUTIFUL and fits in perfectly in the summer haze. We shot this entire session in just under an hour as we were rushing to beat the setting sun. I am so smitten over these images. And as much as I want to do another session in the field again next year, I really don't think I will ever love a sunflower field session as much as I love this one :)