Coming Soon! | Central Georgia Photographer

Hello out there in blog world! Have you missed me? Yes, I know it's been quite some time since I last blogged. You see my Husband was deployed so I took time off to visit family and just be a mommy to my kids for the time he was away. But I am happy to announce he is home and all is perfect in my neck of the woods! He will still be deploying again in July, so I am just enjoying every moment that I have with him in the next few months!

Since he's been back, I have been shooting again! And boy did I miss it! The break was nice to clear my head and fall in love with photography again. I am so excited for the sessions I have planed in the comming months!

Here's a couple sneeks of a few sessions I have done! Be sure to keep an eye out for the full post of each, they were SO much fun and I cannot wait to share them with you!!!

First up is a Homecomming I shot :D I love love love love Homecomings! So many emotions and such a happy time!!!

Next up was an amazing family session! I really cannot tell you how easy this family made my "job". So full of love, laughs & smiles!! You will not want to miss the G Family!

And lastly is Baby B's Smash Cake!!! What a cute, fun, messy session!!!

There you have it folks, a little update and a few sneeks of what's to come in the VERY near future!!

*REMINDER: If you want to book a session with me, please do so soon! I will still be shooting while my Husband is deployed but it will be on a VERY limited basis!!*