Sweet baby Violetta | Central Georgia Photographer

Are you just loving all these adorable images of sweet baby Violet? If you are keeping track we have shot her maternity session, welcoming Violet into the world, meeting big sister Ruby for the first time and now her newborn images. I am just in awe of this baby girl. Although she was wide awake for a good chunk of the session, she never made a peep. So peaceful, clam, sweet and beautiful. I love love love shooting newborns in a more lifestyle approach. Less stress and the babies are much more comfortable. (not saying I hate styled newborn shoots, they are beautiful, just not my thing). I loved capturing Jessica nurse Violet, big sister Ruby so smitten over her little sister, Daddy Ben just being head-over-heals for his sweet new princess... Just melt my heart already! Can this family be any sweeter or in love. I am truly blessed that I had the opportunity to work this this family! They were some of my sweetest clients and I am going to miss working with them! I can only hope that military life lets us cross paths again later on in life!


Violet's Birth Story -- Pt. 2 | Central Georgia Photographer

After sweet baby Violet was born, I decided to give Mom and Dad some alone time before big sister Ruby came to meet her baby sister. It had been a long night, Momma was exhausted, Daddy was falling asleep on the chair, and (let's be honest) I was pretty sleepy myself and could use some fuel (aka COFFEE!). I told Momma to call me when she was ready for me to come back up and capture Ruby and Violet meeting for the first time!

I LOVE births, but some of the sweetest moments are when the older siblings and extended family meet the new baby for the first time. Violet was no different. The second Ruby saw her sister she exclaimed "BABY!!!" with the biggest sweetest grin on her face. It was love at first sight. She had so much fun just staring at her. Every once and a while touching her face, nose, toes, hair and then letting out a sweet little giggle. It was seriously one of the sweetest moments I have ever had the pleasure of being apart of.

And then there was Grandpa ... Oh man was this little girl wrapped around his finger. You could just tell how much love he had for Violet. It was amazing. Just thinking about it gets me all emotional again. This sweet new baby girl had so much love around her and I am so happy that Jessica and Ben let me be apart of such an amazing moment in their life. They have an amazing family!